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Integration of Acupuncture in Emergency Department for Patients and Staff 


My dream and vision today is a healthcare system where Acupuncture is offeredin every single Emergency Department.


I am starting from the hospital where I currently work.  I have proposed a feasibility study to offer Acupuncture for treatment of pain in low acuity patients who present with acute or chronic musculoskeletal and joint pain and stress reduction of the staff.

My proposal has been approved by the Medical and Nursing Directors of ED and is in the IRB approval process.


Imagine walking into an ER and having the option of choosing Acupuncture as

well as medication.


Still being able to be evaluated by an ER physician, going through the diagnostic scanning, but not having to start with medications. Instead having the option of trying a holistic modality, that not only takes care of your pain and concerns, but also addresses your whole system, releives your stress and anxiety, balances your emotions, and gives you more energy and a sense of wellbeing.


All that from an ER visit!


The new guidelines of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) in 2015 suggest use of integrative medicine including Acupuncture for pain management prior to use of opioids.


The opioid addiction in America is not a myth and often it starts and is reinforced in the Emergency Departments. In the past ten years of working as an ER nurse I have seen thousands of people begging for percocet, morphine and valium. Most of them being dependent on it after few uses and having a hard time returning to their previous lives.

Support Acupuncture in ER Study


Every since I started working as a nurse in an Emergency Department in 2005 in New York City, I had a vision of introducing a holistic modality of care to the patients. I saw the same people visiting the ER every week, waiting for hours to receive medications without any improvement in their conditions. In addition, a lot of people started taking narcotics and became dependent on them for life. For many years I looked for a modality of care that could get tothe roots of this problem.


Today after being an ER nurse for more than ten years and a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I have the opportunity to offer Acupuncture in the hospital as an integrative modality of care. I have proposed a study to the ER where I currently work, for pain management of patients and stress reduction of the staff. My study is approved by the Director of the ER and the nursing Director and is in the IRB process.


Please support this study contacting me directly.  For more information you can visit my fundraising page, and spreading the word to those who care:…/749-acupuncture-in-emergency-department



Maryam Mehrjui, RN, LAc



Introducing Acupuncture to the ER Staff

Tuesday, May 12th 2015, was the first day in use of Acupuncture in ED at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. Nurse's week treat on self care for all staff, supported by our Nursing Director of ED.  I presented Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the morning huddle to about 60 coworkers and 30 staff memeber showed up during the day for their acupuncture treatement, doctors, administrative staff, nursing aides, and nurses.


Doctor G: "I think acupuncture is mystical, mysterious and IT WORKS! I love it!"
Director of Nursing: "We should offer this once a month."
Nurse C: "I can feel it all day long."

Healing Fair in Support of


A day of healing and fun at the Lefferts Ave Bikram Yoga:
Individual Sessions of Acupuncture, Polarity, Bach Flower Remedies, and Health Coaching. Silent Bikram yoga class at 2 p.m. Persian appetizers and live music.  Presentation on why we need Acupuncture in the ER!

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