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Please consult your acupuncturist if you are planning to purchase any of these products.  I added a short explanation about some brands.  Click on the image to access the page from Kamwo store for more details. 


Dermcare carries great herbal products from daily protection to special skin conditions such as ezcema, acne, psoriasis, shingles, fungi, scars and ulcers. 


Biologix essential oils are made by an acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine diagnosis in mind.  Includes both single and formulas including some Chinese herbs. You can also get recommendations on which points on the body to apply the oil. 


Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth is created by an acupuncturist for injury and trauma.  It includes ointments, liniments, soaks and capsules of Chinese herbal formulas.  There are three stages, stage 1,  to use directly after the trauma, stage 2, two to three weeks following the injury and stage 3, when it becomes a more chronic issue.  There are also herbs that help healing and recovery of bone injury. 


Ear seeds are a great way of providing self care at home.  These are silver, gold or vacaria seeds and are applied with tape to specific points in your ears.  They can remain in place for up to 5 days.  You can press on them throughout the day to activate them


These are herbal liniments made by Kamwo for different conditions such as muscles and joint aches, arthritis and trauma.  


These are general formulas made by Kamwo for different conditions.  They can almost be used as supplements for a limited time under the supervision of your acupuncturist.  

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