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There are more than thousand herbal remedies used in Chinese Medicine.  The key is to find the right remedy for the specific person at the moment in time.  Hence a detail questioner is used in the consultation.  The remedies will change based on the changes in the body every week.  It is important to maintain weekly visits once you start an herbal remedy.  Each consultation takes twenty to thirty minutes.  You can get herbal consultation along with Acupuncture treatments or by itself. 

How it works?

The Chinese Herbs have been in use prior to Acupuncture.  In fact they are the basis for the main theories of Chinese Medicine.  The herbs are organic maters, leaves, branches, roots, minerals, or animal parts that have been observed and used from the ancient times for their energetic properties as well as their chemical effects on our bodies.  Unlike manufacture drugs, the herbs have an energetic vibration that effects our body-mind-spirit.  For example the effect of ingesting a root that has been in the ground for many months is very different than taking a pill that is made of its active chemical components.   



What is Jing Fang?

Jing Fang, meaning "formula patterns" is a classical branch of herbalism based on the works of famous Zhang Zhong Jing.  As opposed to being explained by Nei Jing, which is a much later tradition, the classical explanation derives directly from the source.  It is simple and practical.

The classical lineage of Dr. Feng is called the Jing Fang Six Syndrome Differentiation System, and has a specific understanding of the six syndromes that is distinct from the understanding of the Nei Jing tradition.  It comes to us from Dr. Feng Shilun in Beijing, as handed down to him by his teacher, Professor Hu Xishu. Professor Hu was famous for his effective clinical application of Jing Fang and Dr. Feng practiced with him from the 1960s, and has continued to practice, teach and develop this approach since Prof. Hu’s death 30 years ago.

For more information please visit The Chinese Medicine Traveller Website.

Zhang Zhong Jing statue in Beijing TCM hospital

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