Holistic Nursing Consultation


  • Are you confused or scared about your new medications, their side effects or interactions?

  • Are you unsure of the procedures you need to go through?

  • Do you need someone to explain the medical terminology?

  • Are you considering mixing your treatments with integrative therapies but don't know where to start from?

  • Do you have questions about the food you need to eat or refrain from?


As a nurse/acupuncturist I can help you with your experience of Western Medicine, as well as the Eastern approaches to health and healing.



In Holistic Medicine there is no separation between body and mind.  The energy, body sensations and emotions are as valid as physical attributes in creating illness.  Long before the problem is able to be diagnosed by the imaging technology, the roots of it are in an emotional pattern, a life style habit, or can be as simple as an improper posture.




There is a lack of harmony between the body, mind and heart in our lives.  Filled with desires and obsessions, detached from nature, and with minds that are busy with trivial information, our energy is not flowing properly.  We get stuck in emotional patterns that we deny or simply are not able to see.  We hold our breath, tighten our muscles, eat greasy and spicy food, sleep poorly, and do not digest our food properly.  We place unnecessary stress on our body/minds and accumulate toxins that eventually all turn into physical illnesses. 


I believe we can gradually become more aware of our habitual patterns that are the real causes of our ailments, causing the blockages and held up tensions, and little by little change into more free beings, living harmoniously with ourselves, those around us and Nature... 


And finally be more radiant, aware and alive.