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Happy Spring

Time to celebrate Spring and all its promises.

According to Chinese philosophy and medicine, spring corresponds with the liver organ, the color green, blue-green, the wood element, the wind and in the body with the tendons and sinews, the eyes/vision, and the sour taste. The Liver is in charge of moving the energy of the whole body, it is the main general in the Confucian hierarchy and only second to the heart emperor. The liver also stores blood at night and is in charge of detoxing and purifying the blood at night. The liver spirit, Hun, flies up to the dreamland during that process and connects with our inner eye, our vision, and intuition, a pathway to see our unconscious world, a bridge to our conscious life.

Spring is a time of rebirth, the smell of fresh air, the warmth of the sun so sweetly smiling on our skin, the sound of birds celebrating this renewal and sending their messages in the winds.

Indeed, this year we have more of a reason to celebrate. As more of us are getting vaccinated, we are able to reunite with our loved ones and families and nourish our soul from seeing one another face to face. Many of us are still grieving the loss of loved ones or going through the physical aftermath, or the fear and anxiety of being ill. Many of us had a really hard time with homeschooling, not working, or being thrown off from our routines and support systems.

Many of us found new ways to do what sustains us and some found our routines were out of habit and laziness. We also found what really matters most to our soul: human relations, as opposed to what was keeping us ignorantly busy and momentarily content. Some of us started to overeat, over exercise, over sleep, over bake.... We put on pounds, we lost pounds, our chronic symptoms crept up and intensified, our back pain, eczema, IBS, fibroid, migraine...

Now that finally Spring is here, I took it as a chance to cleanse my space, organize, un-clutter, throw away, dust, polish and clear. I started to grow sprouts again, soak seeds and nuts, eat more fresh fruits and salads, juice, fast intermittently, read, make lists, get inspired and clarify my vision.

In Iran we have a Spring cleaning tradition before the songs of new year are heard at the moment of Spring Equinox. We do a deep cleaning of the house, beat the mattresses and rugs, wash the curtains, polish the silver wear. We buy fresh fruits and sweets, we put on our best clothes or new clothes and we gather to celebrate with family and friends the rebirth of nature.

May you also be able to cleanse, rejuvenate and find the resources that help you learn and grow.

Happy Spring!


Dr. Stone's Polarity/Broom salad: carrots, red cabbage and beats. grind in food processor or grate, use lemon juice, salt, garlic, cayane pepper and olive oil for dressing. The best pre and pro biotic food! Eat everyday or as you wish.

Celery juice for a liver cleanse from Medical Medium Anthony William. Celery is the perfect food corresponding to spring and liver organ in Chinese Medicine. You can juice or blend and strain to drink 16 ounces in the mornings on empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast.


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