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"I have been a skeptic towards acupuncture mainly because I never quite understood the science behind it. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try for my crippling migraine attacks.


I have tried everything I could, from chemical pills and nose sprays with horrible side effects to procedures like occipital nerve block, which supposedly block head nerves from spreading the pain in the brains. None worked of course and I had headaches almost every day.


That is when I started seeing Maryam. Her approach amazed me, she did not look at me as a migraine patient, but as a person with a whole body and mind. She looked for the physical and mental roots of the problem and in her therapy she included many things: conversations, Reiki, massage, CranioSacral therapy, herbs, and of course needles. 


After only two months of weekly visits not only my Migraines where reduced to once every two weeks, but there was huge improvement in my energy level, hormonal balance and even my back and neck pain. 


Maryam is a healer. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain or maintain a healthy life." By S.S.



"I have know Maryam for many years, and only recently I began to work with her. Her acupuncture has helped me with chronic back pain, weight loss, and becoming healthier and happier. She is professional and friendly and will make sure you are comfortable. She helped me understand how my body works in relation to the food I eat, exercise, and outlook. I highly recommend her if you want to get a complete understanding of your body and work with someone that is well trained, understanding, and caring." By E.B.



"I had my first session of acupuncture and massage with my dear friend, Maryam yesterday. Fell asleep during the treatment and woke up, feeling like a new person. The difference I feel today is amazing! Not only the pain I had in the neck and shoulder area (the reason I went to her) was instantly gone and I had the best night sleep in a long time but also woke up with a great energy this morning! Maryam is knowledgable, caring and most importantly trustworthy. Her healing hands do magic! Maryam janam, thank you so much for the treatment! I can't wait for my next session." By R. Y.




"Today was my 5th session and I feel awesome! In my 40s and have the same energy as when I was in my 20s. No exaggeration! Thank you so much Maryam jan! You are great at what you do!" By R. Y.



"I am a very lazy person by nature, always sleepy and ready to stay where I am!  But once I had an amazing experience.  I knew Maryam is an acupuncturist. I had never tried acupuncture, but I told her about my laziness. She needled me and gave me a polarity treatment. The result was shocking: I woke up the day after, and was jumping up and down, laughing and singing on my way to work!"  By A.C.



"It’s a great pleasure for me to recommend Maryam Mehrjui as an acupuncturist, herbal consultant, nurse and all around purveyor of both Eastern and Western approaches to the healing arts. She is as knowledgeable about her various areas of expertise as she is devoted to its hands-on application. Her buoyant confidence instantly makes one feel better when she so much as enters the room. And her touch is so deft that one feels assured that a healing is taking place. She answers questions clearly and supplies questions of her own that get to the heart of one’s ailment, so she can then make helpful suggestions. There is no health giver I have encountered in my life – a long one as I am seventy years old– in whom I have more confidence. She is kindness itself. But no more kind than she is capable, if that is possible.


 A quick story: I have been given drugs for cancer that deprive me of memory, stiffen my joints and virtually stop my circulation. Maryam offered to go with me to visit my oncologist at Sloane-Kettering. She translated my layman’s clumsy attempts at explaining my symptoms so the doctor could better understand what I was getting at; then reversed gears so I could finally comprehend the scientific descriptions of various medications and their effects. This helped me to make better choices and accept the side-effects that are inevitable. Nursing skills are second nature to Maryam - and her ability to combine a prodigious intelligence with an equally intense interest in making people feel better not only gives her great practical skill but also the ability to ‘inspire’ healing."  By C.T.

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