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Have you ever wondered at your body's amazing ability to heal and repair itself?  Broken bones mending, skin wounds healing, your body assimilating what it needs and letting go of what it does not?


Listening and following the body's inner wisdom is at the root of all the holistic modalities.  Acupuncture and polarity therapy help you reconnect with the healing source that is sometimes forgotten in the daily patterns of our modern lifestyle.

Connect with your inner healing wisdom


How does Acupuncture work?


Acupuncture is a holistic model of healing that works by balancing the irregularities in the body's energetic flow.  By reminding the body to bring back the flow in specific acupuncture channels or meridians, the body is able to heal itself.  The stagnation in the flow is what causes pain or eventually leads into diseases.

The acupuncture channels start at the tip of fingers and toes and cover the whole body.  They also inter deeply into the body organs.  Therefore the flow is corrected not only on the surface of the body, affecting musculo-skelletal or joint pains and aches, but also addressing deeper issues. 

Issues such as sleep problems, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, headaches, skin issues, anything related to stress, hormonal imbalances, fertility or menstrual problems, impotence, etc.  can be addressed by acupuncture. 

The course of treatment varies for different patients and problems.  In general to start with six or eight weekly treatments are recommended to be able to get passed the initial issues.  Some patients, for example for hormonal imbalances, will need longer course of treatment.  Also life style changes, such as dietary and sleep habits might need to be altered for the treatments to be fully effective.

Chinese Herbs

I offer herbal consultation over the phone.

You can purchase a package of five consults for $600.  We connect once a week and you will purchase the herbs from the herbal pharmacy that is located in Manhattan and receive them via mail.

Allergy Relief

Heart Body Mind Acupuncture is offering a customized treatment of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Moxa, and Cupping to eliminate allergies, recurrent colds, congestion, headaches and sinusitis. 

Discount Package

Heart Body Mind Acupuncture is offering a discount package of 7 treatments for $1000.  This includes customized treatment of Acupuncture, Polarity Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Moxa, and Cupping.



"Maryam is a natural healer"

"I appreciate her kind, thoughtful and indepth way of working, she is thorough and I appreciate how she uses touch to support the beginning of the treatment."


"she has a calming voice and presence"


"I have been a skeptic towards acupuncture mainly because I never quite understood the science behind it. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try for my crippling migraine attacks. 


I have tried everything I could, from chemical pills and nose sprays with horrible side effects to procedures like occipital nerve block, which supposedly block head nerves from spreading the pain in the brains. None worked of course and I had headaches almost every day.


That is when I started seeing Maryam.








"If you wish to bring about real healing, you must  first and foremost treat a person's heart.  You must bring the heart on the right path, so that it can be filled and sustained by a universal sense of truth.  You must get it to a place where it can safely abandon all doubting and worrying and obsessing in senselessly looping patterns, where it can let go of any anxiety-provoking imbalances, and where it is willing to surrender all "me, me, me" and all "this is his/her fault!"


"Try and awaken the heart to acknowledge and regret all the wrong that one has done, and to lay down all selfish attachments, and to transform one's small and self-centered world for the glorious universe wherein we are all one, and wherein there is nothing to do but praise its existence.  This is the master method of the enlightened physician- healing through the heart."


16th Century Korean physician Hur Jun in Dongui Baojian- Precious Reflection by an Eastern Physician


I believe that we can find treatment for any illness on this planet.  Sometimes it might take us a longer time to find it, or we have to travel further distances.  Sometimes we might have to dig in deeper in ourselves, and sometimes it might surprise us from an unexpected place.  But as long as we are alive, our hearts beating and our chest rising with each breath, there is hope for healing.

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