There was so much controversy in the past weeks about the role of China and the spread of Covid-19.  Unfortunately we witnessed some cases of racial profiling and hate crimes towards Chinese people in the US.  Even Chinese Medicine was not spared from this profiling....

Summer is the season of fire according to the five element theories of Chinese Medicine for obvious reasons.  The element of fire sits at the top of the five elements wheel and is attributed with the auspicious color red.  Its related body organ is the emperor of all:...

May 25, 2017

She asked me with inquisitive eyes, the mother of a thirty year old man with the body of a two year old.  I was surprised by her question.  I mumbled.  Then I said I have been a nurse for eleven years and I'll do my best and she will know if I'm good or not....

As many of you reading this know I am an ER nurse for more than ten years.  When I first started working in the ER coming from a theater background I was interested in the stories of the people and the healthcare staff, the so called ER dramas, so I started a blog.  Af...

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What patients ask from an ER nurse

March 22, 2017

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