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Happy Spring Cleaning

I invite you to sit down and take a look around you. Let's take an inventory of our life. Look at the room where you are sitting. Let's feel the energy of the objects in the space, the furniture, the colors, the way things are placed next to one another. How does it all make you feel? Don't do anything. Just sit there an observe. Move to a different space: your bedroom, your closet, your desk, your storage space where things get forgotten. Keep taking deep breathes. No judging, just observe your feelings and let it go. What about the kitchen, the fridge, the cabinets? Any long forgotten boxes of pasta or cookies. Is it too deep and too dark to tell what is there? Your car, your yard, your relationships, your body... How does each part of your life feel? Do you feel the slow accumulation of winter trying to reach from the underworld and ask for a reconsideration? For a deep cleanse of what is not needed anymore, what is not giving you joy?

Now take a deep breath and let's start making lists and taking inventory. Put it all in writing. No matter how deep and big the mess is. No matter how impossible it seems to get to the bottom of it. Just put it on the list.

That's how I start my yearly Spring cleanse ritual. I start incorporating body systems, dry brushing, epsom salt baths, a morning juice cleanse, a new exercise regiment, a new dance, a new class, a new chocolate recipe. Taking my car for a cleaning, donating the clothes I haven't wore for few years, drinking more water, connecting with family and friends I haven't seen, cleaning my desk, organizing papers, filing taxes, paying back some loans or making investments.

Slow and steady is my goal. I'm not looking for a life changing diet, I'm looking for what will give me a leverage, something small that comes to me with ease and gives me joy. Aiming for a more vibrant, connected and joyful life.

I want to share with you a few things I'm working towards this Spring:

Three week purification diet from Standard Process: This is the first time I did it. I love how organized it was. It came with instructions, journal, powders and supplements. It was hard to eliminate grain and dairy, but it felt so necessary and helped me re-center after a winter illness that kept me off balance for a month. It created an anti-inflammatory effect and I felt incredibly flexible and light after the first few days. My skin was glowing. It also left me with a sense of renewal in the recipes that I use now and helped me cut down on bread and sweet, plus i'm drinking more water.

Some physical activity everyday, either running, yoga or a hike. I also added a strength building exercise that helps me use my body in new ways and learn new techniques from a personal trainer.

Knitting that orange sweater for myself that I always dreamt of making!

Started taking pottery classes and I just love it! It gives me pure joy. I noticed my sinuses are more clear after a class!

Made Kimchi, Polarity salad, (raw beets, carrots, red cabbage, graded with some olive oil and lemon juice), started sprouting.

Organized drawers in the bathroom and kitchen. Bought a new cabinets for the living room to make more space.

Soon it will be time to start work in the garden, trimming and bringing the compost and planting new seeds.

Happy Spring!

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